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Cause project management is not just about
ticking tasks or moving cards

Project Collaboration

  • Work effectively together on projects
  • Assign, discuss, follow up and celebrate project success
  • List or board view - we have them both
  • Use scrum, kanban or any popular project management method

Project Communication

  • Reduce the noise of unnecessary email communication
  • Discuss tasks with the involved people
  • Chat, comments and discussions to make everything clear

Project Documentation

  • All project relevant documents in on place
  • Own data storage included
  • Integrates with popular cloud storage provider like dropbox
taskblitz tasks overview screenshot

Tasks - Organize your work and projects into tasks and collaboratively work on them.

Chat - Get rid of email chaos and use the built-in chat for fast, easy and though powerful real-time communication.

Calendar - Get a powerful visualization of all your tasks, milestones and appointments.

Files - Share files with your team and use a shared space for project documentation.

Notes - Take notes and write project documentation together with your team.

Time-tracking - Track your work time based on tasks or projects and always have team or project reports at your fingertips.

Invoicing - Create effectively invoices and proposals semi-automatic based on your projects and timesheets.

Reports - Get insights on your project's and your team's performance.

Organization - Manage your team effectively and avoid too high workload.

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We build taskblitz for people that need more than a simple todo list application and are sick of using old fashioned form-based business applications or excel sheets.

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