With a focus on simplicity and overview taskblitz offers you the understandable interface of a task management application with the power of a solid business app.

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Personal Task Management

Powerful list and calendar visualization of your work tasks. Assign tasks, attach files and discuss details by adding comments. Use filters, tags, project and the inbox to organize your work.

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Bring structure into your project with milestones, deadlines and responsible persons. Easily plan your project with a simple drag&drop interface. Control the progress of your milestones and tasks and monitor all relevant project KPIs.

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Get rid of email chaos and use the built-in chat for fast, easy and though powerful real-time communication with your team and individual team members.

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Create effectively invoices and proposals semi-automatic based on your projects and time-sheets. Simple keep track of all your income and expenses and have a simple and powerful cash overview.

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The taskblitz Apps are available on mobile devices and for the desktop. Plus: our mobile apps also work on tablets and devices with larger screens.

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