Personal Task Management

Bring your projects to success: Planning, Execution, Controlling, Documentation, Communication in one place.

Personal Dashboard

Get a clear project status and review all your ongoing projects.

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Powerful task features

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  • Duedates
  • Notes
  • Estimated time
  • Subtasks
  • Reminder
  • Tags
  • Followers
  • Priorities
  • Comments
  • Mentions
  • Emoji Support
  • Activity Stream
  • File Uploads
  • Cloud Service Integration
  • Time tracking
  • Copy

Manage your individual tasks

Browser Tasks Personal Task Management

The task list gives you an overview of your agenda and helps you to organize your days. Assign tasks, attach files and discuss details by adding comments. Use filters, tags, project and the inbox to organize your work.

Browser Calendar Personal Task Management

The calendar gives you a powerful visualization of all your tasks, milestones and appointments. It integrates perfect with your standard calendar via interfaces.

Browser Time Personal Task Management

Track your work time based on tasks or projects and always have team or project reports at your fingertips.

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