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The task section consists of three parts:

  • Sidebar – options to help you filter the tasks
  • Tasklist – shows all the tasks according to the filter currently set
  • Task detail – double clicking on a task or on the arrow brings up the task detail area where you can edit it and find more informations and options

This how a single task looks like:

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The color of the left border indicates the importance of the task. With the checker you set the status of the task to done or back to open. Next you see in small grey letters the name of the project which is also clickable to directly jump to all tasks. Next is the title/name of the task itself. May you see a small symbol before that. This symbol indicates the status of the task. The play sign means that it is in progress, the pause means that it is waiting for something or someone else and the X sign means that this task won’t get done for some reason and can be closed. After the title/name you see your profile/symbol. You can reassign the task with clicking on the symbol and then chose another user from the dropdown menu.

On the right side you see the estimated hours and the duedate of the task. With clicking on the date you can set the duedate and chose from various options:
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If a task has comments or files has been uploaded to it, this is also indicated on the right with a small symbol. To edit a tasks data, click on the title or on the right arrow and the detail page of this task will load:

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  • You see more details of the task with notes.
  • You can add subtasks
  • You can comment on the task
  • Comments offer the posibilty to mention users, use emojis or use markdon formatting
  • The activity feed shows the last actions happend

To edit the task klick on the pencil tab on the top.
You can also track time and see the tracked time entry for this tasks in the time tab. Uploaded files will be displayed in the files tab (paperclip symbol).
You can also copy, and the task or go to a fullpage view.


Browser Calendar My Work
The calendar gives you a quick overview of your tasks and the possibility to organize yourself in the set time-frame. You can re-organize your tasks in the monthly calendar view using simple drag&drop. When you click onto an individual day, you can also create a task. Double clicking onto a tasks brings the task detail view to the front.

You can also integrate you existing event based calendar into taskblitz and the other way bring your taskblitz tasks into your standard outlook or whatever calendar:

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In your timesheet you can view your own tracked time or make and manage entries.

Browser Time My Work

New time entries can be made using the form at the top of the page. Some fields have auto-completion features to speed up the data entry process. You can also choose a project to book the time to. This is important for invoicing the used time to a client later.

The table containing the time entries can be sorted by clicking on an element in the table header. The sorting will be applied immediately. You can also search for individual entries. The entries can be simply edited by clicking the activity, the hours inline.