Improved Accounting Features

Today we want to present you some new feature in our invoicing section and also introduce you a better flow in using the invoices with you projects and timesheets.

The first thing that was improved is the invoices dashboard which got a new modern look with more relevant infos (duedate, id, amount, client, project):

2 Invoices   taskblitz   project focused team collaboration software   2016 02 24 16.49.40 Improved Accounting Features

Furthermore we added filters here to only see overdue, paid or unpaid invoices.

When viewing a single invoice we also optimized the look & feel here. You can now better recognize to which client and which project a invoice belongs to. Besides we added the cool feature to send an invoice directly to the client:

2 Invoices   taskblitz   project focused team collaboration software   2016 02 24 15.15.52 Improved Accounting Features

Besides we also optimized the flow when creating an invoice. You have three options now:

  • From the invoice overview when click the “+”
  • From a project timesheet/report you can invoice the billable hours
  • From the project accounting page where you can see if a project has not been fully billed yet

Another big change that we have made recently is, that now also user can set a n hourly rate in their options. This value is used to calculate the costs of a project correctly. If a user has no rate value set, we use the given organization’s rate value (when you sign up we set this value automatically to 100).

To give you a good overview of all this rate, costs and other values we introduce a new info element in the projects dashboard which gives you all the details at one sight:

2 Projects   taskblitz   project focused team collaboration software   2016 02 24 20.43.41 Improved Accounting Features
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Like what we have built? We’d be happy to have you and your team on board!

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Erich started taskblitz as a concept back in 2011. After some time on the waiting line, Erich decided in Mid 2014 to work again on taskblitz and realize the concept.

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